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About Hayes Manufacturing

Since our founding in 1954 as a small steel fabrication shop, Hayes Manufacturing has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the south. Located on 13 acres in Pineville, Louisiana, our company now features a 150,000-square-foot fabrication shop, the latest in metal-working equipment, a fleet of cranes and much more.

Despite such incredible growth over the years, our company takes great pride in remaining a family-owned business with a family-friendly atmosphere. Our customers know that they will always get friendly, personal service without any red tape or hassles – plus the highest quality products at low prices. And our customers also know that we can solve problems for them and make changes to their job orders extremely quickly. This level of service is very rare in today’s manufacturing industry, but to us it’s just another way that we are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

As you browse through our website, you will come to understand that we have a team of experienced people ready to serve your needs for custom fabrication, machine shop work, crane services, maintenance crews and much more. Known for our fast response and quick turnaround, we are also a true one-stop-shop, from concept to raw materials through completion.

By providing the utmost in quality with an emphasis on safety, timely delivery and low pricing, we offer our customers the absolute best service in the business. And when you take all of that into consideration, you really can’t afford NOT to do business with Hayes.

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Today, what was once a small machine shop is now known as Hayes Manufacturing and includes a 100,000-square-foot fabrication shop equipped with a diversity of metal-working equipment, an experienced workforce, a hydraulic crane fleet of up to 80-ton capacity and a plant maintenance crew on-call 24 hours a day.

Nearly 60 years in business has honed this company into one of the most productive, safest and highest quality steel fabrication shops in the south. And our entire workforce takes great pride in showing the same commitment and loyalty to each other and our customers as demonstrated by our founder and his sons.


James Hayes, Sr. – founder of Hayes Manufacturing – began his career working in a small fabrication shop in the 1950s. He soon realized that he could produce the same type of work for customers on his own, but with better quality. Striking out on his own with just a single welding machine mounted on a Model-T Ford, he founded Hayes Manufacturing in 1954 – and never looked back.

From 1954 to 1972, Mr. Hayes built his company up to provide steel fabrication services out of a small machine shop that housed three welding machines, two lathes, a milling machine and a few drill presses. In 1972 his son, James Hayes, Jr., joined the company and shortly after in 1975, Cliff Hayes graduated from Louisiana Tech and joined the company. They have continued building the business since then – always being sure to keep the company current with the changing needs of the construction industry as well as advances in technology.

Our Purpose

To be a domestic and global leading component supplier offering fabricated tunr-key solutions to our customers.


Our vision is to maintain the path of our mission – to always stay with the latest technology in order to grow, change, and continue being the best company possible, well into the future.

Philosophy of service


INTEGRITY — “The quality of being honest and fair” 
We earn the trust of our colleagues and customers by honoring our commitments, doing the right things for the right reasons, and providing our customers with the unparalleled service they deserve.

TEAMWORK — “The cooperative or coordinated effort of persons acting together as a team in the interest of a common cause”
We work together to deliver the best and safest products for our customers. We have a strong mentoring environment that teaches the next generation of highly skilled workers.

FAMILY — “A group of people united by blood or common goal” 
We are a family-owned and operated business and have a family-friendly atmosphere. We treat our employees and family like they are part of our family.

QUALITY — “A high level of value or excellence” 
We work hard to deliver high-quality products and go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We strive to engage our workforce by continuously raising the bar through People, Process and Product.

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